As an Art supporter, Brand Identity and Customized Personal Designs will be provided- that include Logos, Avatars, Caricatures for all occasions, Flyers, Brochures, Cards etc.

Choose well and you save time, energy & money. Price depends on the Project requirement. Will listen to your needs & build a relationship to help your business grow- quite reasonable?

Wish I knew “Magic” to complete work in a moment, sadly it takes min 2-3 weeks for research & proper output (can be done quicker if urgent- but SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED)

There is no specific process, but will be similar to this:- Your requirement >>> Proposal >>> 50% advance >>> Research, Conceptualizing & Rendering >>> Presentation >>> Final 50% >>> Delivery >>> Support

Yes, of course. Thanks to the new means of communication (email, phone, video chats etc). If you are in the area, drop in to say Hello!

It can be done… Depends upon the artwork.

Obviously Me! I have no “Genies” to get the work done.

“Why not Dan?” A thorough homework is done before starting up an assignment. Plus, I believe in a 50-50 input (Client & Myself) for 100% desired output and you’ll be updated on a regular basis. Let’s work together, shall we?

Pay 50% advance, so I don’t run away & stay committed. Remaining 50% can be paid on completion, before releasing the final art work (so you don’t run away). Bank Transfer is suggested.

Personally, I wouldn’t agree. but it all depends. Kindly send your requirements to dan@danzartz.com

Sorry, I don’t! Still a student and experimenting. Once I get more idea, will surely.

Since I have just 2 hands, I take up very few at a time- to ensure Client Attention. Please send a mail to check availability.